Going into the interior Barreiros we can make impressive routes like the one we propose. On this route we will be able to observe the Hermitage of San Estevo do Ermo, the waterfall (fervenza) of the same name, the Ferruginosa Fountain, the Fountain of Santa Rosa, the Horseshoe of Santiago and the Forest of Santo Estevo that we can admire on our journey to the Waterfall.

If the forces accompany us we can continue to the viewpoint of Penabor from where we can contemplate wonderful views of the mouth of the River Masma in the foz estuary, with the towns of Foz, Barreiros and the beach of Rapadoira and Altar.

Spectacular waterfall (fervenza) of San Estevo do Ermo in Barreiros Interior

Inner sweeps. Waterfall of Santo Estevo do Ermo.

To get to the waterfall of Santo Estevo do Ermo we can take a walking tour from San Cosme de Barreiros leaving the car parked next to the church. From here we will start a circular route of approximately 6.5 kms.

Waterfall (fervenza de San Estevo), inside Barreiros.

We can go towards the gas station, once past there is a detour to the neighborhood of Eiras, once past the houses, about 200 meters, at the junction, we will turn to the left and cross through a bridge the highway and continue to the next crossing where it turns oars to the right. From this junction you can see about 200 meters. the signs that take us to Santo Estevo do Ermo and also the indications that could take us to the viewpoint of Penabor.

Desvius to San Estevo do Ermo or Mirador de Penabor

As can be seen in the image below, we can appreciate the detour from the road. From this point we will enter a dirt track surrounded by pine forest and eucalyptus of approximately 1.5 kms to access the hermitage. Once we arrive at the Hermitage we find this natural and archaeological area that is located in the middle of the native forest, formed by oaks, chestnut trees, birch trees and laurels, among others. In this area we have a rest area with tables where you can replenish forces. From here we head down the river to the waterfall of Santo Estevo.

Inner sweeps. Desvius to San Estevo de Ermo and Mirador de Penabor
Access to the Ferruginosa Fountain
Ferruginosa fountain inside Barreiros.

On the right side we have a wooden staircase that allows us to ascend to the top of the waterfall where we can see the fountain of Santa Rosa to which is attributed healing powers of skin diseases. Once in the upper part, we have a path to return to the Hermitage. On this path, we will meet the Horseshoe of the Horse of Santiago, according to legend when Santiago the Apostle escaped pursued by his enemies, the horse made a leap from one hillside to the other, and with the Ferruginosa Fountain to which it is attributed beneficial properties for health.

Interior Sweepiros Images

Return to San Cosme de Barreiros

Back to the Hermitage we can walk the dirt road to go to the Mirador de Penabor or take the road parallel to the San Estevo river that leads us back from the Interior Barreiros to San Cosme de Barreiros.

If we decide to return to San Cosme we will continue along the road downstream until we reach a fork where we have to turn left to pass under the highway and the national road.

Once we have passed these steps and crossed the highway access road we head towards the eiras neighborhood to return to the gas station and from there to the church. We can also take the car to go to the Mirador de Penabor following up the church.  

Penabor Viewpoint

If we decide to go to the Mirador de Penabor from the Hermitage, we slide the dirt road to the road where the signs are located and turn to the right, we go up the road to the area where the clean point is located, to the left of the road and we start the ascent through a dirt track until we reach the Mirador.

From this viewpoint we can observe the entire coastline, where the municipality of Foz stands out mainly, with its rapadoira beach and the mouth of the Masma river and also San Cosme de Barreiros and in the background the beach of Altar.

Penabor miurador in Barreiros Interior