The municipality of Ribadeo is located 8 kms from the Costa Reinante Spa Apartment in the direction of Oviedo by the highway or by the national. At the entrance of the municipality we find a commercial area where are located a Mercadona, a hypermarket Eroski, Supermarket Lidl, and Decatlon.

Ribadeo’s Old Town

Ribadeo’s old town is an ideal place to spend a day of shopping.  A walk through the unique streets of this part of the villa has its charm. In addition, it is also a great option to go tapas and enjoy the gastronomy of Ribadeo. To highlight the renovated Casa Villaronta or the Bar la Queimada for those who like octopus tapas, squid …., the Galipizza where you can taste original pizzas and burgers with Galician meat, Original Titopizza for its cachopo, restaurants like or Mariñeiro, or San San Miguel. Bar Galicia is an essential bar for a few wines with its tapas. If we move to Rinlo we can taste a rice with spectacular lobster (it is essential to book in advance in high season).

In its beautiful streets are concentrated a mixture of architectural ensembles among which are popular houses of artisans and sailors along with other higher-ranking buildings that testify to the burgeoning past of the village (houses of Indians, banking houses, housing of shipowners’ families…).

Ribadeo City Hall.

Featured buildings

Among the most unique buildings and spaces we should mention the old Customs (XVIII), the castle of San Damián (XVIII), O Cargadoiro (XX) and the Plaza del Campo or Spain, nerve center of the town, around which stand the elegant neoclassical peace of Ibáñez , the cosmopolitan Torre de los Moreno, the sober Convent of Santa Clara and the Parish Church of Santa Maria del Campo whose origin dates back to an old Franciscan convent of the thirteenth century.

From the center of the municipality, in Plaza España, if we head towards the Tourist Office, we can enjoy a spectacular viewpoint towards the estuary of the Eo where we will contemplate the Asturian part of the estuary, just opposite the municipality of Figueras and Castropol.

Views from Ribadeo to Castropol

Also from the square we can head towards the marina through the narrow and steep streets, with its characteristic houses.

Ribadeo Marina

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