Water Route

Live an Adventure in Taramundi. Very close to the Beach of the Cathedrals, about 40 kms., we find the Asturian municipality of Taramundi, considered the municipality where rural tourism begins. In the middle of the mountain we will be able to enjoy different routes or itineraries such as the Water Route.

For reach Taramundi from the Barreiros area and Las Catedrales Beach we head towards Ribadeo, before entering the municipality we will take the detour towards Vegadeo, along the way we can enjoy the spectacular views that offers us the Eo Ria. At the roundabout we will take the detour to the bridge that takes us to Vegadeo. Once we have entered the municipality, about 200 meters we will take the detour to Taramundi, where it tells us that it is 17 kms away.


We park the car in one of the car parks next to the Church, as soon as we enter on the right. There we will find numerous typical shops in the area, as well as restaurants where you can taste the food of the area. Following the descending road, we will meet the tourist office, where we will be informed of the different routes that exist in the area. Ask for the Water Route.

Before to leave Taramundi we can contemplate the castro de Castros. From there and descending a steep slope we will reach the starting point of the Water Route, Mazonovo.

Down from Taramundi to Mazonovo

MAZONOVO (Taramundi)

This is where the water route starts. Arriving in Mazanovo we find the famous mills, now converted into a museum, which can be accessed for a small entrance. 

Mazonovo Mills. Taramundi

Once the visit to the mills is made, we have to take special care when starting the route, we must already follow the directions to make the route on foot and not by car. Once past the mill bridge, we will continue in a straight line, leaving on the right the other existing bridge in the area. We will climb a small ramp that leads to Os Teixos and 200 meters we will find the beginning of the Water Route leaving the road and entering a wooded area, the road runs parallel to the turía river. Very close to that start we will find an area to rest and eat by the river.

From this point, we will start a climb to a road that we will continue to head towards Esquios.

Road from Taramundi to Esquios

But before, it’s worth visiting the waterfall Salgueiro. To do this we will have to take a perfectly signposted detour towards it. Once in the waterfall we will have to undo the way.


In Esquios is where the circular route that allows us to make the route, either in the direction of As Veigas, or in the direction of Os Teixois, begins. Either alternative is perfectly viable, we’ll end up in Esquios again.

Skiing (Taramundi)

In Esquios we will be able to visit the Ethnographic Museum, paying for 2.5 euros at the entrance of the over 12 years, with a collection of ancient objects used in the daily life of the region.

Also Esquios there is an artisanworkshop making knives and knives

AS VEIGAS (Taramundi)

If we have decided to take the road to As Veigas, there we will meet a restaurant to taste typical local products at fairly Affordable. We must have started the route, at around 10 a.m. tomorrow, if we want to get to this point at lunchtime.

As Veigas (Taramundi)

The environment of the As Veigas set is impressive. It is a village with different houses, dedicated to rural tourism. Next to them a river that refreshes the whole area forming a tiny but attractive valley. After a long walk from Skiers through lush forests, is comforting the encounter again with civilization. Flowers, houses, river a whole set to the delight of our senses.

If we stop to eat in the meson, it well deserves a rest to continue our journey to Os Teixos, where it is also possible to eat if we decide to make the route in reverse.

In the meson of As Veigas we can taste the typical fabada, the goat omelette, the churrasco and the homemade desserts. To finish an exquisite pout coffee and rest to continue our route to Os Teixois.

As Veigas overview

OS TEIXOIS (Taramundi)

The route to you Teixois we start by passing a bridge and going up a path with a fairly steep wooden fence. From there you can take some magnificent photos of the whole set of Os Teixois. From the trail you can see Esquios that is on the other side of the valley. Then we will descend and change course to head to Os Teixois. We cross a road and continue to descend until we reach the river, there we find the ethnographic complex that has a mill, a sharpening wheel, a mallet, a batán and a small power plant. The venue can be accessed upon payment of an entrance fee.

Os Teixois Mills

The set has a tavern and a restaurant.

A once visited the whole we must take the path by which we access and get to the fork that will take us to Esquios. This fork is a little badly signposted because it only puts the detour to As Veigas, but right next to exits the downward path that leads us to Skiers. It’s quite a tour interesting that takes us to the river, crossing it by a wooden bridge. From this point is ascended by quite steep stairs at the beginning to get to Esquios and from there we will take the road. Between 1 and 2 Kms, the path will leave that will lead us to Mazonovo and from there to Taramundi.

We have finished our route and we set out to return to our starting point, La Playa de la Catedrales.

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