The nearest route through the Asturian west will take us through the municipalities of Tapia de Casariego, Castropol and Figueras and its beaches Peñarronda and Arnao. To access this area we will do it through the roundabout that gives access to las Catedrales Beach by the national 634. There we will take the detour to the A-8 towards Oviedo, pass the bridge of Los Santos (highway) and immediately take the first detour. Once past the bridge we enter the principality of Asturias.

Arnao Beach. Castropol

We get off the highway and at the roundabout we take the towards Arnao Beach. We will access a parking area from the one we’re going down to the beach. Right next to the parking lot we have a picnic area from where to contemplate unbeatable views of the bridge over the Eo River, Cargadeiro area and also Illa Pancha, just across the estuary, in the Galician community.

Beach also allows us to contemplate these stunning Views.

Arnao Beach very close to Tapia de Casariego

If we want to walk a little bit, we can go for a dirt path to Punta de la Cruz, from where you can take stunning views of Illa Pancha.

In this area we also have the Campo de Arnao.

Penarronda Beach (Tapia de Casariego)

To access this beach we have to take the A-8 motorway again and take the detour to Tapia de Casariego. At the roundabout we will not go towards Tapia but we will take the next exit by a secondary road.  We will access the parking area, either in the lower part (Beach and picnic) or we can take the road to the right to reach the Hermitage where we can park and enjoy excellent views of Peñarronda Beach. The main feature of this shell-shaped beach is to have in its center a round rock with an arch in the middle.

Peñarronda Beach, Tapia de Casariego on the right

The area is characterized by having a protected natural area considered as a Natural Monument where we can find protected species in both flora and fauna, as well as a spectacular dune area.

On this beach it is quite common to practice surfing, having a space reserved for its practice. It is also recommended for the bath but taking appropriate precautions by the currents Existing.

To eat on the beach there are two restaurants in the part left of the beach, one in the area of the campsite (Tony bar) and the other in the upper part of the beach (Parajes restaurant)


Once you visit the previous beaches it may be time to head towards Castropol where we can find numerous establishments to eat such as risón, Casa Vicente, Mesón la Santina, Peñamar or Parrila-Castropol complex, the latter on the road that is directs Vegadeo. In Castropol we can visit its Historic Centre, Vicente Loriente Park, opposite the casino, rises a statue dedicated to the illustrious sailor Fernando Villaamil, the Mirador de the Mirandilla and the Marina and Fishing Port

The Historic Historic Historic Center of the Villa of Castropol was declared Good Of Cultural Interest Heritage Spanish History 2004.


After lunch, we can head to Figueras to contemplate beautiful views of the Ria del Eo, Ribadeo and Castropol and what we can do, either from the top of the municipality or from the port, sitting on one of the terraces that exist in the harbour.

Nearby we can find the Gondán Shipyards and contemplate how a ship is built from very close.

Jordan Shipyards

It is noteworthy in Figueras Palacio de Trenor, the Palace of the Pardo Donlebún, the Hermitage of the Atalaya and El Pósito de Fishermen


To end the day we can go to Tapia de Casariego, which is less than 10 minutes from Figueras. At the entrance of Tapia de Casariego we can observe the beach of Anguilerio, we have on the left side of a car park where we leave our vehicle to see the whole town, since from this beach begins a path that borders on the coast line.

Angueiro Tapia Beach de Casariego

On this trail we will find a natural pool, which had previously been a cetarea. If we arrive at sunset time we can take spectacular photos, from this area.

A little further on we will meet the Cannon Viewpoint. Following the path we will reach the port of Tapia and the area of bars and restaurants of the municipality. We continue to walk along the edge of the sea to reach the lighthouse of Tapia Island, a good place from which to contemplate the port of Tapia sitting in the cove. From here we walk part of the way and head towards the Chapel of San Sebastian. From there, if we like to walk, we can get to the Pilgrimhostel Hostel of Tapia and a little more. Then we turn around and get lost in the streets of Tapia until we reach the port and wander through this area and the surroundings (Tapia Town Hall square). In this area we can cover to end the day in the many establishments in the area.

Recommended restaurants

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